Monday, May 27, 2013

Continual Reflection

In completing the 11 Tools Assignment, I have added many tools to my Teacher Toolbox - and many of them in the technology department. I think the greatest benefit of this assignment came in creating this blog itself, and I plan to continue the blog in my classroom so my students, their parents, and other teachers can have access to what we are doing in the classroom. I hope to creating an engaging community that is constantly learning and reflecting on what we are learning. 

I plan to use this tool by incorporating this blog in my classroom by creating monthly newsletters, posting homework assignments and projects online, and creating an online forum for parents and students to ask questions and pose discussion topics about what we are learning. 

I also want to immediately add Today'sMeet to my classroom. I though that was an extremely helpful tool and something that can be implemented very easily into the classroom.

We quite frequently already use many of the Google Apps in the classroom and I want to continue to use them so that my students gain a greater understanding of the resources available to them. I also want my students to learn safe and responsible practices that will prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. I know that next year technology will be an active part of my classroom on a daily basis to create an engaging and collaborative learning environment for everyone. 
Because society is ever-changing, technology will only continue to change and adapt but I want my students to be prepared to be active citizens in today's digital age. 

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  1. In reading through parts of your blog, it sounds like ya'll are doing some terrific work. Wish I had been part of your class for the 6 word memoirs! Let me know if you get those links fixed. I would love to have read some of your students' work!

    Glad you enjoyed and learned from the process!