Monday, May 27, 2013

Leaders in a Digital Society

The expectations that are posted in my classroom state the following:

1. Be Respectful
2. Be a Leader
3. Be an Active Participant

In discussing digital citizenship, my students must follow the expectations I set forward in the classroom - because I fully believe these transfer to life in general. 

As we make technology and integral part of the classroom experience it is only to help prepare students to be active participants of society. I want my students to understand safe practices for posting things online and respecting the privacy of themselves and others. I want my students to be aware of the responsibility that comes with using the tools the internet presents and all of the social media they become engrossed in. I want my students to walk away from my classroom as leaders, in all respects, so that they can then demonstrate to others what digital citizenship looks like and how to use the powers of the internet for good - and not evil.

I found a few websites to help in teaching digital citizenship to both my students and their parents:
Common Sense Media has several great tips for teaching digital citizenship in the classroom as well as links to videos and other resources.
This wiki contains a great contract for students to sign to promise they will act responsibly as digital citizens.
Dodge City Middle School created a blog about digital citizenship, from cyberbullying to copying/pasting from other sources. 
This video also introduces the topic of digital citizenship to both students, teachers, and parents by introducing Nine different elements of being a digital citizen.

As Spiderman said it himself, "With great power, comes great responsibility." I want my students and their parents to understand the great potential for using the technology resources, but that they must uses these tools responsibly. 

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