Sunday, May 26, 2013

Technology - an Expectation for Success

Every classroom has access to technology, with the expectation that we are using it on a daily/weekly basis to expand the students' learning opportunities. The Dell netbooks and the iPads are great tools for the students to use, and the MacBooks are an added benefit for everyone. 

After watching the tutorials, I did learn a few new things about the technology:
- The Dell Netbooks to have the capabilities to record videos.
- The iPads can sync to other computers and are great for sharing resources.
- I can sync my iTunes account with iPads/iPods for use in the classroom.

Because we frequently have a MacBook cart in the classroom, I set very clear expectations for success for student usage of the computers. The most important being that they are used for school usage as a learning opportunity. They also allow students to stay on-top of their grades with Skyward.

The expectation is that the MacBooks are made available to everyone, they are properly handled, they are plugged in to the charger when they are not being used. Students frequently use them for research as well. Having a classroom with great technology capabilities is benefitting everyone to the greatest degree.

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