Saturday, May 25, 2013

The World Before Google?

How did we exist in a world before Google? How could I research something in the blink of an eye? Find a restaurant for dinner? Navigate myself around a huge city? Or even define a new word?
Google has redefined the world for us - that I can barely remember how we used to get around even eight years ago. 

With Google Apps I have the ability to do so much more with my students and my classroom. I can post assignments to Edmodo and they can share them with me via Google Docs. They can type together and work on assignments with a partner, create presentations, and I can create class surveys with Google Forms. The possibilities are literally endless. 

Before Google, how could I check for understanding so quickly? How did my students have access to so quickly email me questions and I provide feedback? How could we all share our knowledge without the web-based platform that unites us all. My 8th grade team plans our curriculum and creates our test on Google Docs so we can all update and share with each other our ideas. 

As an English teacher, I can quickly say Google has expanded to become several parts of speech - a noun, a proper noun, and most importantly a VERB. Go google it to find out!

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