Sunday, May 26, 2013

To College and Beyond

With the recent introduction of T-2-4, it is Spring Branch's goal for 76% of the students to receive a technical, two year, or four year degree. This will double the number of students continuing their education currently, and move them on to greater success. 

Our students currently don't know these statistics, or if they do, they don't necessarily understand what they mean and how a degree will further advance their lives. In designing this collaborative project with another classroom, it is my goal for the 8th grade students to gain a greater understanding of life beyond high school. 

Objective: TLW create a five year plan for their educational plan BY designing and developing a career goal, necessary assessments, and classes they plan to take in high school. 

This project will be implemented in April of the students' 8th grade year, after the STAAR test. It will be a large research project which will require them to work across curriculum.

I plan to use several different tools for students to complete their projects:
- They would be able to Skype with professionals pursuing a career path they are interested in.
- They would use several different websites to complete the research part of selecting a career path:
*Going to College
*Explore Test Results

Students will be working collaboratively with the other 8th grade teachers to design and develop a plan for their future education. After taking several interest tests, gauging their academic success, and discussing with the counselor they will begin design and developing a plan.
What high school classes do you want to take?
What is your end career goal?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Explain. 

After answering these three questions, they will follow an individual plan to figure out how to get their by creating a road map and discovering all the necessary steps to reach their goal. 

We will be working collaboratively with Ms. Baker's class in an online forum for students to discuss and share ideas on what they are discovering are the necessary steps. In this Edmodo online forum students will be able to share thoughts on plans for after high school and get feedback from one another. Ms. Baker and I will be able to post resources for students online and share our own feedback, as well.

Giving students the opportunity to plan for the future before they even entire high school will open their eyes to new possibilities above and beyond what they imagined was possible and put them on the right track for high school. 

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  1. Great project idea. Wondering how it is going? How did the Skype sessions with professionals go? Did you give thought to trying to Skype with some SBISD high school seniors? I bet they have some advice.