Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tuned to the Tube

All year long, I have consistently found that my students are much more engaged in material and excited to learn when I pair the content with online videos or short clips.

For example, when we studied emotional appeals in our Persuasive Unit, we looked at ethos, logos, and pathos as used in commercials. When we studied Allusions, we looked at several different allusions they may encounter in everyday life - many from television shows. 

The videos have the power to captivate my students' attention much more so than I do alone, and I think it is just a reflection of today's society where they spend a majority of their time watching television, texting on their phones, watching youtube videos themselves, or playing video games. 

I found the SchoolTube and TeacherTube sites to be interesting, however, they were difficult to navigate. As there is sooo much out there - it is difficult to find what meets my kids' needs. Or, this may just mean I start creating my own videos. 

I also have used TedEd in my classroom in the past - and I have found this to be extremely helpful. There are countless videos on all the different subjects.

I also used videos in order to motivate my students as a part of what I called Motivational Monday. 
One of their favorites was KidPresident. 

We also discussed the effects of bullying in the video "To This Day"

Motivational Videos such as these have the power to allow me to really connect with students and let them see all the opportunities for them in life. 

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